(from Omaha, NE / Council Bluffs, IA)

To Woodbine:
  • Take I-29 North
  • Take Missouri Valley, IA Exit 75
  • Turn right onto Highway 30 East
  • Take Highway 30 East to Woodbine, IA
  • Just before Woodbine, turn left off Highway 30 after crossing Boyer River
  • Drive a short distance into town (crossing two sets of railroad tracks)
  • Continue on Lincoln Way for two blocks to 3rd Street
  • Turn right on 3rd Street
  • Follow 3rd Street for one block (street bends to left and turns into Walker Street)
  • Arrive at Woodbine Main Street on left (313 Walker Street)


To Range:
(Private range. No unsupervised shooting allowed.)
  • From Woodbine Main Street
  • Drive South on Walker Street to 3rd Street (very short distance)
  • Turn right on 3rd Street, drive one block to Lincoln Way
  • Turn left on Lincoln Way to US Hwy 30 (after crossing two sets of railroad tracks)
  • Take US Hwy 30 south out of town
  • Just past the Dollar General store and Day Care Center, turn off of US Hwy 30 into field (look for Good Guy Defense sign)
  • Follow map at right to range


Targets on Firing Range: